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Nick Marie's Esta Esta 

Since 1955

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Our Story 

The Family Legacy 

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Nick and Helen Marie purchased Beatty’s Restaurant in Monroeville, Pennsylvania on October 5, 1955 and named it Marie’s Restaurant. Serving as a coffee shop and dining room. Then in 1962 they changed the name to Esta Esta going into fine dining. They were the first restaurant of it’s kind to serve surf and turf (filet and lobster) in the area.

All of the Marie children, Kathleen, Michael, Richard and Maria worked the family business through their lives. Nick passed away in November 2001 and Helen in February 2011.

The restaurant is still owned by the four children and operated by Michael & Tammy. Esta Esta is the last originally owned family restaurant in Monroeville and proud to be celebrating 65 years.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers and friends.

Nick and Helen Marie 

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Marie's Restaurant

Michael and Tammy.heic

Michael and Tammy 

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